Sunday, January 30, 2011

So good I did it twice

If you are a follower of my other blog sorry about the repeat, but it was so good I had to do it twice!

Everyone loves a good binge...

If you are anything like me, you love a good baking binge as much as the next person. Some people prefer to get their baking binge needs fulfilled at an actually bakery, while I tend to turn my kitchen into one.

I generally get into my little baking/cooking sprees when I have long breaks from school (Thanksgiving and Christmas mostly). This could probably account for those holiday pounds that always seem to linger over my head. I wish I could just wrap up those extra pounds in pretty wrapping and gift them to my skinny friends. (You know who you are!)

Well today, oddly not during a long break, I started my baking binge at about 5pm. As a result I ended up with Yellow cupcakes, so yummy!

I'm not a huge frosting fan so I usually do the bare minimum, but it is chocolate frosting after all, and I just cant give that up.

Then I went on to MONSTER chocolate chip cookies!

I guess you can't really tell by the picture but these are MONSTER cookies. They are super thick and perfect. Feel free to be jealous now :)

The funny things about these baking binges is I really don't even eat much of the stuff I make. I usually send a lot with Ben for the guys he works with, or the kiddos are always in line for them of course! If you want the recipe for them just let me know! In the mean time, control your drooling....really though, nobody wants to see that.

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  1. YUM!! I also get on baking "binges" for sure and also the result of my extra poundage lingering.