Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Game night or Bust...

Well it turns out game night was a bust. But we had a great time talking with some of our best friends and catching up. New Years day/night is not the best time to be hanging out with friends if you stayed up until 2am the night before.

During the previous nights festivities we did a sort of "white elephant gift exchange" with Ben's family. Ben got a really old, and I mean REALLY old electric pencil sharpener that had never been used. First he tried to look it up on Ebay with no success, then he just decided to keep it because it was just so awesome!

Back to the night with friends, Ben brought out the pencil sharpener, talked it up about how much he liked it, then about 10 minutes after our friends left for home at about 9:30, I found him like this...
He really loves that pencil sharpener! haha, gotta love it!

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