Friday, June 18, 2010

The Tolman Adventures in T-Ball!

Since Adam has recently turned 5, we have decided to put him in summer city t-ball. He has been so excited for it. For his birthday in May we got him all the gear that he needs to play. A mitt and ball basically. Then we recently got him a tee and a new bat that is just his size. Well his first game was on this past Thursday. They have a half hour practice and then a half hour game. It is the perfect length of time. Well soon after he started playing, we realized we have a bit of a ball hog on our hands! Every time the other team hit the ball, no matter how far away Adam was from it, somehow he always ended up with it. Not that he really knew what to do with it once he got it, but he had it nonetheless. But when he got up to bat was when he became the real crowd pleaser! First, he is the only lefty on the team, so people seemed to like that. Second, when he gets to the plate, he hits hit bat on the plate a couple times, just like the pros do, with a super serious look on his face. Then, while running the bases, he would slide into home plate every time! It was so funny. I couldn't stop laughing and he was having so much fun! I hope he never grows out of these stages because he is just so awesome!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My NeW PrOjEcT...FaMiLy CoOk BoOk!

About 10 (or more) years ago, my mom decided that she wanted to do a family cook book. The VanderMeer side anyway. So after months and months she was able to gather recipes from all of my family members and started to put the cook book together. Well, 6 years later, it still wasn't done. So the task was handed over to my Tante (Aunt) Helen. She has had the collection for the last 4 years and has managed to put about 1/2 of the recipes into a Microsoft word document. The other half still remains untouched. So this is where I come in. Since over the summer I am not in school, not working, just hanging out with the kids I decided that I needed a project. Family cook book here I come! My Tante is supposed to email me the recipes that have been typed up and the rest I will hopefully get soon, either by traveling through family members or through snail mail. I found a free template online that lets me make my own cook book, upload photos, and basically do whatever I want. This way it will look professional and not sloppy. Once it is done then it should take about 2 weeks to order and TADAH! I am hoping to have this done by Christmas so everybody can have a copy. I just don't want this to go past the end of August. That is when I go back to school and I am pretty sure I won't have any time to do anything after that except to maybe put some finishing touches on it. I am really excited about getting the opportunity to do this because I know everybody really wants this to get done. So updates will come as I get closer. I already have chosen my template and have made the cover, chapters, and chosen layout options. It is a really easy set up (so far). All I need to do now is enter the recipes and any pictures I want. I think I am going to cook a few of the recipes that will be used and fancy them up a little bit so I can take some pictures for them. I guess we will see how it all goes! Wish me luck or if you have any really good recipes let me know!

Friday, June 4, 2010

SoMeBoDy MuSt LoVe Me I aM gEtTiNg SpOiLeD!!!

Afterlooking around for about a month, we have decided to make a big purchase. A NEW CAR!!! I loved my Envoy and it was a joy to drive, but we were getting the feeling that we were outgrowing it. So we went a little bit bigger, and a little more "pimped out" as Ben would say. We went for the Chrysler Aspen. It is a 2007. Black with Chrome accents. Leather interior with wood paneling along the dash. 3rd row seating. Heated seats front and rear. Navigation, Bluetooth, and DVD player. It even has a Hemi and 20" rims that Ben loves and feels "gangster" in. haha After 5 minutes with the kids in the car, they were glued to the DVD screen and it was "worth every penny!" Ben says. Getting the bigger vehicle makes family get togethers so much more convenient and we don't all have to take separate cars to get to the same place. Having a larger vehicle is better for if we decide to have more kids in the future. (Don't worry I'm not making any announcements!) But it leaves us the option and we wouldn't have to go to a bigger vehicle if we did have more kids. We love it and hope that you all do too! I am so spoiled!