Friday, June 4, 2010

SoMeBoDy MuSt LoVe Me I aM gEtTiNg SpOiLeD!!!

Afterlooking around for about a month, we have decided to make a big purchase. A NEW CAR!!! I loved my Envoy and it was a joy to drive, but we were getting the feeling that we were outgrowing it. So we went a little bit bigger, and a little more "pimped out" as Ben would say. We went for the Chrysler Aspen. It is a 2007. Black with Chrome accents. Leather interior with wood paneling along the dash. 3rd row seating. Heated seats front and rear. Navigation, Bluetooth, and DVD player. It even has a Hemi and 20" rims that Ben loves and feels "gangster" in. haha After 5 minutes with the kids in the car, they were glued to the DVD screen and it was "worth every penny!" Ben says. Getting the bigger vehicle makes family get togethers so much more convenient and we don't all have to take separate cars to get to the same place. Having a larger vehicle is better for if we decide to have more kids in the future. (Don't worry I'm not making any announcements!) But it leaves us the option and we wouldn't have to go to a bigger vehicle if we did have more kids. We love it and hope that you all do too! I am so spoiled!

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