Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's never too late for a Pink Post!

I know Valentine's Day was last week, but I was feeling a little, actually a lot under the weather. So our Pink Valentine's Pancakes didn't make the cut...until now! I know you are excited!
Wyatt was my little helper and got to mix all the batter together. He loves being in the kitchen about as much as I do!
Voila! Pink Chocolate Chip pancakes fit for a couple cute Princes.

Ben was a little to manly for heart pancakes, but he humored me on the pink ones anyway!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time to Breathe

Last week was a crazy week at the least. After the exhaustion that came along with taking care of Ben after his surgery, school was seriously overwhelming. Between 4 days of school, I had 3 exams and a paper due. And it's not even midterms!

Well I got my scores back for my exams today...drum roll please...

Math: 86% but my professor is giving us the oportunity to fix the ones me missed for 1/2 credit. So I should end up with a 93%!

Linguistics: 86% Common number this week I guess. But I am totally happy with this, I did not feel confident about this exam at all!

Literary Analysis: 91% yeah baby!

So now that I have survived probably one of the hardest weeks and still pulled some awesome grades, I feel like I have some room to breathe and am feeling great (besides the cold that I have right now).

Going to celebrate it up with my hubby tonight and then girls night on Thursday! Wahoo!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Scariest Time of Year!

Spring is just around the corner, which I am really excited for, but there is something about spring that makes me nervous every year. It's the mating of all the little fury creatures. A friend of mine (Keshia) said she witnessed some little creatures chasing each other a few days ago, so I know it has begun.

I know that this is a silly thing, but it's the squirrels that freak me out. Especially on the ISU Pocatello campus. They are on steroids or something, they're HUGE! And mating season means they will be crazy!

Just so you have an explanation for my fear, it all started when I was a child (actually I was 17 :)). I was camping and at one point I was sitting feeding little nuts to a couple chipmunks. They would come in one at a time, take their food, and run away.

Until it happened! They both came to get food at the same time, they started fighting, I sat their watching in fascination, then they turned on me! They decided I was a better playing field than the ground.

They scurried all over me!
On my hair
On my face
Down my back

I think I saw my life flashing before my eyes!

I was left with crazy hair, a few minor scratches, and a huge fear of chipmunks and squirrels.

So for your pleasure...

Check out this music video, so funny, and true :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

V-Day Blues

I've never been a big sucker for Valentine's Day. Surprising since Ben and I are so big on Anniversaries and Birthdays. But by the time Valentine's Day comes around, we are just plain tuckered out!
Halloween 10-31
Thanksgiving 11-25
Christmas 12-25
New Year's 1-1
Anniversary 1-8
Valentine's Day 2-14

All of that within a 3 month period is seriously overwhelming. We use to make it a big deal before we were married, and I think it is a great day to just lay it all on the line to tell someone you love them. But I just don't have the energy most years.

Well this year I want to do something for Ben. He can't really do anything active because of his recent surgery, so I wanted to do something more special, or intimate for him.

So I am looking to my faithful blog followers for advice.
Dish it up, and spill it out!
I need some major ideas and fast, I only have a few days left to figure it all out!

Monday, February 7, 2011

That's how I roll...

Since Friday I feel like life has just become, well, insane. And I don't see it getting any better. This makes me want to reference the cliche saying of...

"There's just not enough hours in the day"


"Where does the time go?"


"So much to do, and not enough time to do it!"

Anybody catch the theme there? Time!
Taking care of Ben after surgery has been a full time job, which really I don't mind. He has had to do it for me 3 times, and he is actually a really great patient! :)

But we have been so cooped up that the boys are driving me crazy, I have ton's of school work and house work to do that I can feel I am getting buried.

This is my schedule for school this week...
Tuesday: English 211 Exam
Wednesday: Education Paper Due
Thursday: English 107 Exam & Math 257 Exam

Do you think my professors will let me postpone all of this due to exhaustion? I didn't think so.
Hope you have a good week, I am going to try to!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Recovery Road...

Ben went under the knife for the first time ever yesterday, a big enough milestone in someones life that I thought it deserved to be blogged about. Now if it was me, no big deal, I've done it 3 times just since we have been married. He had to have some ligaments in he left shoulder reattached and have a SLAP repair. Don't ask me what that means, I don't know. Here he is before surgery with Wyatt. I asked him if he was nervous but he kept telling me no. I think I was more nervous than he was!

Just before surgery sporting the AWESOME surgery gown. You know you are all jealous!

And then the After photo. They had to put 2 anchors in to keep the tissue in place, which the DR said that would be the most painful part. But all considering, he seems to really be doing well and he's not too uncomfortable. We get to take the bandage off in another 2 days, so we will see how healed it is, but he should be able to head back to work in about 5 weeks.