Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time to Breathe

Last week was a crazy week at the least. After the exhaustion that came along with taking care of Ben after his surgery, school was seriously overwhelming. Between 4 days of school, I had 3 exams and a paper due. And it's not even midterms!

Well I got my scores back for my exams today...drum roll please...

Math: 86% but my professor is giving us the oportunity to fix the ones me missed for 1/2 credit. So I should end up with a 93%!

Linguistics: 86% Common number this week I guess. But I am totally happy with this, I did not feel confident about this exam at all!

Literary Analysis: 91% yeah baby!

So now that I have survived probably one of the hardest weeks and still pulled some awesome grades, I feel like I have some room to breathe and am feeling great (besides the cold that I have right now).

Going to celebrate it up with my hubby tonight and then girls night on Thursday! Wahoo!


  1. I don't know how you balance it all. You seem so busy. I have debated about going back to school right now but it makes me nervous that I'd have some stress overload and breakdown. Yay for you...still smart as ever. Good job!

  2. haha, thanks Ang! It is tough at times, but I think I am a pretty good manager of time so, I actually rarely even do school work while I am at home. That way I can spend as much time with the fam as possible. It will be SO worth it when I'm done! You should go back too, it's so rewarding!