Wednesday, February 9, 2011

V-Day Blues

I've never been a big sucker for Valentine's Day. Surprising since Ben and I are so big on Anniversaries and Birthdays. But by the time Valentine's Day comes around, we are just plain tuckered out!
Halloween 10-31
Thanksgiving 11-25
Christmas 12-25
New Year's 1-1
Anniversary 1-8
Valentine's Day 2-14

All of that within a 3 month period is seriously overwhelming. We use to make it a big deal before we were married, and I think it is a great day to just lay it all on the line to tell someone you love them. But I just don't have the energy most years.

Well this year I want to do something for Ben. He can't really do anything active because of his recent surgery, so I wanted to do something more special, or intimate for him.

So I am looking to my faithful blog followers for advice.
Dish it up, and spill it out!
I need some major ideas and fast, I only have a few days left to figure it all out!

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