Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kids do the darndest things...

Lately my boys have been waking up earlier than normal, like 5am early! And being the busy, and exhausted mom that I am, I generally know they wont get into too much trouble, so I let them watch cartoons, or whatever until it's time to get up.

Well this morning, it was really quiet when Wyatt was awake, so I knew something was up. I walked into the hallway to see Wyatt in the reflection of his bathroom mirror, stark naked.

At first I was going to laugh, until I noticed that he was practically covered from head to toe in poop and shampoo. (No I didn't think a photo was appropriate here, plus I was too mad!)

He had done #2 in his overnight diaper, and instead of coming to get me, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Attempting to remove his own diaper (getting it all down his legs and hands.)

Then knowing that he was dirty, thought that the shampoo would clean him off. So he dumped almost an entire bottle of kids shampoo all over him (and the floor of course) and began to rub it in when I interrupted his cleaning session.

I was mad, he thought it was funny, and lets just say that he had a very bubbly bath right after.

This boy get's into everything!!!

But at least he is super cute, I just can't stay mad at that little face!

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