Friday, January 14, 2011

Graduating...well sort of!

So Adam has been in the extended Kindergarten program since September because he was a little behind in his reading and stuff like that. Extended Kindergarten means that he would go to his normal class in the morning, and then go to an extended class the second half of the day. At first I was apprehensive to place him in the program worried that he would get sick of school so early on (because let's face it, that shouldn't happen until at least middle school). Well I am really glad that we decided to do it. He loved his teacher, made great friends, and learned so much. He has always been able to pick things up very quickly and we worked very hard in helping him get up to the other students.
Drum roll please.......

They tested the classes of Kindergartners when they came back from Christmas break, and not only is Adam able to Graduate from the extended Kindergarten, he is ahead of the majority of his classmates! I was so excited and proud of my little guy for working so hard. I am a proud momma!

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