Monday, January 24, 2011

The simple things...

This weekend the kids and I had a chance to go to SLC where my mother in law was visiting my new niece. It was so great for the boys to visit with her and by the end of the trip, Adam was wanting to go back to Florida with her! But really, who wouldn't want to go to Florida.
I know some people gripe a lot about their in laws, but I just can't say the same about my Mother in Law. Laurie is probably the sweetest person you could ever meet, and being from the South she could never insult anybody! She just says "Bless her heart" and all is well.
Just wanted to do a little shout out to the greatest Mother in Law a girl could have! Love you Laurie!

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  1. AMEN!! I absolutely adore Laurie - she was like a second mom to me!