Monday, January 10, 2011

Uglies no more...bowling please!

In my weekend of book reading I was able to finish Uglies. Such a good book and I can't wait to start the second book Pretties! I probably would have finished earlier but Ben felt a little neglected on Sunday, which I don't blame him, so we took the family bowling!
Adam's eyes are all red from crying because he thought that he was going to get his own lane. It was really busy there for a Sunday afternoon.
I love this picture! This was the one and ONLY time that he used the little ramp to help guide the ball, but he is just so excited when he sees the pins falling down. He's got
the fist pump action going!Cute little Wyatt holding his ball. They had these little 6lb balls that were perfect for the boys. And he would get so excited when they hit a pin!
Ben has an awesome form after he throws the ball...and I don't mind the view from behind :)

Me and Wy waiting for our turn to bowl. We had such a good time with the kids, they love bowling but I realized that we just don't go enough. I need to turn them into pros like me! Just kidding! I just need to get them to be better than their dad! Hope everybody had a good weekend!

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