Friday, December 28, 2012

Goals of 2013

Usually for my annual goal posting, I post the goals from the previous year, marking the ones I achieved in bold, then posting my new goals for the new year.  Well, I may have accidentally saved my new goals over the old goals and therefore, cannot paste the old ones.  But I can list a few of the major goals that I know were on there that were achieved!

Student Teach
Graduate from College!
Get Pregnant
 Get back patio concrete poured
Read at least 5 books not required by school or book club (I think I finished 9)
Teach Wyatt to Read (He's getting better every day!)

Those are just a few of the goals that were knocked off of my goals list.  There were 50 total, and 23 of them were achieved!  I know some people look at these goal lists as silly, but I believe that looking back at it every once in a while reminds me of what I want to accomplish during the year. Since I have been doing it for about 5 years now, I really notice a difference between the years when I look at it at least once a month, and when I only look a couple times a year.  The reminders help!  So without further adieu...
1.     Have a healthy baby after 36 weeks
2.     Get a teaching job!
3.     Get certified.
4.     Go on a date every time Ben is home
5.     Read 2 classic books with the boys (such as Stuart Little, Trumpet of the Swan)
6.     Get air conditioning
7.     Finish the basement
8.     Take a vacation that’s not to visit family
9.     Make the denim family blanket
10. Get Book Club started again
11. Get new couches for basement
12. Make 2 extra house payments
13. Start paying back student loans
14. Volunteer at Adam’s school
15. Get large family photo printed on canvas
16. Pour concrete in back corner
17. Dress up for Halloween with the boys
18. Pay off Ben’s New Truck
19. Go to Florida for Christmas
20. Go camping at Redfish
21. Get a new dining set
22. Host Annual Christmas party
23. Can peaches, spaghetti sauce, peach jam, peach pie filling, applesauce, apple pie filing, pears, corn (freeze), salsa, zucchini (freeze)
24. Grow a garden in the back yard.
25. Get a new camera
26. Build up my stockpile
27. Make a new quilt for each of the boys, including Ben
28. Repair old blankets
29. Lose baby weight and then some!
30. Set up a budget and save $300/month
31. Get Wyatt a new bike
32. Bake birthday cakes for all of the boys
33. Get old couches cleaned
34. Paint master bedroom
35. Get curtains for Master bedroom
36. Teach Wyatt to read! (he’s so close!)
37. Build my home library
38. Build my classroom library
39. Get Adam in Cub Scouts
40. Visit Stephanie in DC and see the sites!
41. Put Adam in Baseball and Wyatt in Soccer
42. Get a new guest bed (make own headboard if possible!)
43. Read 5 books.
44. Don’t chop off hair after baby is born.
45. Put together family picture wall for basement
46. Plant trees in the back yard
47. Get boys a trampoline
48. Learn to sew a dress
49. Make 2 baby blankets for new baby
50. Keep our family safe, happy, and healthy!
Have a good year!

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