Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The New Year Brings...

For most people, with every new year brings resolutions.  You have already seen my list of goals for the year, so I guess I have 50 resolutions!  But we have some major events coming up in our family during the year 2013, here are just a few that we are most excited about!

1. A NeW bAbY!!!!! It's no surprise that this would be at the top or my list right?
2. My BrOtHeR's WeDdIng!!!! Scheduled for July in Oregon! Road trip!
3. WyAtT sTaRtS kInDeRgArTeN!!!!  He's been so excited to go to school ever since Adam has gone!
4. BiG jAkE gRaDuAtEs CoLlEgE!!!! My bro-in-law Jake.  We call him Big Jake because I have two brother in laws named Jacob and then there is my brother Jacob.  It's a big confusing mess I know!

What are some big things you have to look forward to this year?  Hope it's a good one for you!


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