Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gender to-do list

How anybody waits until the birth to find out what the gender of their baby is, completely amazes me.  I have never been the most patient person, so it probably comes as no surprise that we will be finding out the gender of our little nugget, just like we did the other two.  There is just too much planning that needs to happen on my end, and finding out the gender early, makes it a whole lot easier on me.  (Probably not the hubby's wallet though! Shhh!)
We will find out if we will be planning for Pink or Blue in just over a week.  A long, slow going week at that!  But here are some things that I've got to get done once we know which way to go...

The Crib
I have been obsessed with this crib for so long!  It's a 3-1 convertible crib.  It goes from infant crib, to toddler bed, to a full size bed.  The tough choice is the color!  If we have a girl, then we will go with this ivory color shown above!  If we have a boy, we will go with a darker, more of a mahogany color!

The Nursery Decor
I love decorating, so the sooner I can get my hands on decorating or picking out decor for the baby's room, the happier I'm going to be.  I'm loving grays, teals, and pinks right now.  I'm also kind of partial to deep purples.  Tough choices ahead on this one!

The Name!
We are very traditional with our naming options.  We don't really like gender neutral names (not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not our thing). For girls we like very girly names, and boys we like very boy names.  We have one boy name that we can agree on, and two/three girl names that we like.  Once we know what gender we are dealing with, will can narrow down (or in a boy's case, expand) our options. 

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