Thursday, January 5, 2012

Warning: New Family Picture Overload Ahead!

We were able to squeeze in a family photo session with our favorite photographer Ashley MacKay over Thanksgiving break and now I wanted to show you a few of our favorites. Ok, more than a few of our favorites, a lot of them. So scroll down at your own risk, it may take a while!

What a cute family I have right? I know! All my boys are just so handsome and Ashley did a great job at capturing it! New Pictures for a New Year! Happy 2012 everyone!


  1. They turned out MORE than cute, they are so adorable! One of these would be perfect for that large canvas print you want to do :) Did I mention your boys are so handsome?? 2 little heart breakers in the making.

  2. Thanks Meagan! I cant decide what picture I want to do for the canvas, either the one of us holding the boys or the one up close of the 4 of us against the tree. Decisions, decisions. They are already little heart breakers, I am terrified for when they are teenagers!

  3. They turned out fantastic!! What a cute family! I can't believe how big the boys are getting!