Sunday, January 15, 2012

Armed and extremely useless...

If there is one thing I hate worse about being sick, it is my kids being sick. And when it comes to my kids, Adam and Wyatt are polar opposites. Adam is sick all of the time. Wyatt is sick, well, never. I attribute Adam's poor immune system to him being so premature when he was born (10 weeks early) and then to top it all off, he has severe allergies and asthma.

So with all of Adam's ailments, I feel like a 24 hour pharmacy some days. But today, being armed with asthma medication, allergy medication, cough syrup, cough drops and throat lozenges, a humidifier, children's Tylenol, and a thermometer, I am still feeling extremely useless against this terrible cough that Adam has worked up.

I have ruled out that it is Asthma induced, he just says he has a tickle in his throat that is relentless! And aside from his high spirits, I can't help but wince ever time that deep throat cough makes itself known. Grrr! What is a mom to do but keep the cough drops coming and wait for it to subside. Poor kid.

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