Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals from 2011

So as I did last year, I posted my goals for 2010 and highlighted what had been fulfilled, then posted my goals f0r 2011. This has been a yearly tradition for me since about 2006. I think that making a list of things you want to accomplish throughout the year, and looking back on it often, makes things happen faster than if you didn't have your goals written out. So here are my goals that I chose for 2011, and the ones that are highlighted at the ones that were completed!

Goals for 2011

1. Take 10 credits over the summer

2. Get a 3.5 or better every semester

3. Finish the room under the kitchen.

4. Take a vacation.

5. Get Adam a new bed

6. Get Wyatt into a toddler bed

7. Teach Adam to shower without help

8. Get Adam in swim lessons (January)

9. Make the denim family blanket

10. Join a bookclub. (I started it!)

11. Get new couches!

12. Make at least 2 extra house payments

13. Get the carpets cleaned

14. Take a cooking class! (Kind of, it was a cake decorating class J)

15. Have a big 4th of July bar B Q

16. Do a wedding album

17. Do a wedding scrapbook

18. Teach Adam to ride his bike w/o training wheels.

19. Send out Christmas cards

20. Get concrete poured on the side of the house

21. Annual Cabin trip!

22. Get everybody to the Dentist!

23. Dress up for Halloween with the boys

24. Read a really good book!

25. Lose 30 pounds

26. Keep our family safe, happy and healthy!

27. Pay off Ben’s truck

28. Finish the bathroom in the basement (ALMOST!)

29. Go visit Grandma in Florida/Georgia

30. Go to California for Bassett reunion in June

31. Go camping to Redfish at least 2x

32. Get new dining set

33. Get new camera

34. Do more crafts with the kids.

35. Learn to coupon, for real!

36. Keep up on the blogs.

37. Find a way to make money from home.

38. Get both boys a savings account, put $50 a month in them

39. Learn to make a quilt.

40. Repair the blankets that are falling apart.

41. Get Electrical wired in basement

42. Get sheet rock up

43. Host Annual Christmas Party!

44. Pay off Ben’s surgery bills

45. Vegas for Spring Break! Wahoo!

46. Get couches cleaned.

47. Get accepted into the Education program.

48. Can Spaghetti Sauce, applesauce, peaches, corn, zucchini and salsa

49. Get rest of planting areas planted. Flower/shrub/trees in front

50. Put in stone patio in back with Fire pit.

Not bad for one year, almost half of them! I usually try to continue onto the next year with ones that I didn't get finished, so some of my 2012 list will look familiar, but I combined a few so there are plenty of new goals for 2012!


1. Graduate from College!

2. Get a 3.5 or better every semester, Spring, Summer, Fall

3. Get air conditioning

4. Get a fireplace downstairs

5. Finish the basement

6. Take a vacation

7. Make the denim family blanket

8. Keep up with book club

9. Get new couches for basement

10. Make 2 extra house payments

11. Get carpets cleaned

12. Get large family photo printed on canvas

13. Pour concrete outside (patio and side of house)

14. Dress up for Halloween with the boys

15. Student teach!

16. Pay off Ben’s truck

17. Go visit Grandma in Florida/Georgia

18. Go camping at Redfish

19. Get a new dining set

20. Host Annual Christmas party

21. Can peaches, spaghetti sauce, peach jam, peach pie filling, applesauce, apple pie filing, pears, corn (freeze), salsa, zucchini (freeze)

22. Get a new camera

23. Build up my stockpile

24. Make a new quilt for each of the boys, including Ben

25. Repair old blankets

26. Lose another 25 pounds

27. Set up a budget and save $300/month

28. Get pregnant!

29. Get Adam a new bike

30. Bake birthday cakes for all of the boys

31. Get old couches cleaned

32. Put in stone patio with fire pit in back

33. Paint master bedroom

34. Get curtains for Master bedroom

35. Make our own ice cream

36. Take kids swimming and to the park at least once a week in the summer

37. Pay off Ben’s four wheeler

38. Teach Wyatt to read!

39. Build my library

40. Get Adam into White Pine

41. Get Adam in Karate lessons

42. Put Adam in Baseball and Wyatt in Soccer

43. Get a new guest bed (make own headboard if possible!)

44. Read 5 books not required by school or book club!

45. Grow my hair out (only trims are permitted!)

46. Put together family picture wall for basement

47. Plant trees in the back yard

48. Learn to sew a dress

49. Take the kids sledding

50. Keep our family safe, happy, and healthy!

You should really try this! I find that it helps and it's always a great feeling to go over it though the year and cross off things that you have accomplished! Happy 2012 everyone!


  1. My 2 favorites from your list by far... graduate college and get pregnant! :) So excited for you for both of these.

  2. Meagan those are probably two of my favorites also!