Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hello, I would like you all to meet Wilson!

Wilson is our family elf (from Elf on the Shelf). If you haven't heard of Elf on the Shelf you should really look it up!

The boys have fallen in love with Wilson and here is why.

Every day, Wilson sits in a new place, watching the boys.
Every night, Wilson magically flies to Santa to tell him if the boys were naughty or nice that day.Every morning, the boys wake up to run around the house wondering where Wilson will be that day (he sits in a different place every night).
The only rule is that the kids are not allowed to touch him or his magic will go away and he wont be able to get to Santa, thus putting the boys on the naughty list.

This thought was especially upsetting to Wyatt, so he is sure to remind us all that we are not to touch Wilson.

This is such a cute idea, and I especially love it because if the boys start to get crazy I just say, "Remember that Wilson is watching you," and they are little angels from that moment on!

They also when we get home from school go stand in front of Wilson and tell him about all the nice things they did that day (and Wyatt always throws in "Now go tell Santa I'm on the good list, and to put Adam on the Naughty list!")

So if you don't have an elf in your family, you really should get one. You get to name it yourself, or the kids do anyway. It's a really sweet tradition that we are loving being started this year.


  1. haha This is the cutest thing ever. Makes me want to have kids :)

  2. Our elf "Snowy" (I like your name much better... Emma always has an opinion) came this year to! We love it! Emma thinks it's the coolest thing ever and is just dying to touch him! I have to put it up in higher places so she isn't tempted! I think it's my new favorite tradition!

  3. Chels that is too funny! Adam actually picked out our elf's name. I thought it was cute. Surprisingly the boys are not trying to touch him, they haven't even tried or asked once. But just in case I have been putting him up high as well. I will tell the boys that Emma and Lucy have an elf too, they will love that.