Monday, March 28, 2011

What spring break?

Well it wasn't much of a "Spring Break" for me last week.

Really not one at all.

I had spring cleaning, a paper due, an exam, and extra homework (that still isn't done), plus a 600 page book I was supposed to read (also didn't do).

On top of that, the weather here has just been miserable.

Ya, that's what the roads were like this morning! And it's almost April! You feel bad for me I just know it.

So when the weather is crappy, and my procrastination is on high alert, what do we do with our time you ask? Puzzles.

Adam and Wyatt really get into it.

I helped them figure out the edging, but they did the rest.

Notice Wyatt's concentration. He is just so cute, I love this boy!

They were so excited, they wouldn't even let me take it apart because they wanted Dad to see it when he got home from work (5 hours later). They can be so easily entertained and love doing stuff like this, which makes my life a whole lot easier.

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