Sunday, March 20, 2011

Annual Cabin Trip!

Every year we take a trip to our best friends family cabin with our group of friends. Lindsey and Josh, Scott and Bree, and of course US! (We make the party happen!)

We've never been up in the winter before so it was fun to see Alpine, Wyoming that way. Bummer for Ben though because while the guys were snowmobiling, sledding, and doing stupid dives off the deck into snow piles, Ben had to just watch because of his shoulder. He did plenty of cheering on though.

Josh coming down off the hill on the side of the cabin.

Scott taking his turn...and yes that's an awesome pic I know!

Can you guess what Josh is about to do here?

Yeah, it's not that hard to guess. This was his first jump off the deck, but not the last!

Here we are! Freezing for the quick pic, but Ben stayed outside watching the guys do stupid stuff for a while. Can't say I wasn't glad Ben was injured for this trip to the cabin. I'd rather he encourage than participate! But the poor guy was so bored :(

The gang! One of the many times we sat down to play games over the weekend. We played: Phase 10 twist, Uno Flash, Scattagories, Hand and Foot (Which I was informed is very similar to Canasta). So much fun!

Probably one of the guys favorite parts of the weekend...playing Gears of War II until 3am. Don't worry I was asleep!

We had such a fun time and can't wait to do it again next fall. Hopefully sometime in August! We really do have the best group of friends. Thanks for the fun weekend guys! Love you all!

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