Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here's what's up...

It's been a while
so here's what's up!

He is doing great at Physical Therapy
He plans to go back to work starting on the 25th
He started working on our basement bathroom (pics to come soon)
He is grumpy when his shoulder hurts :)
He get's SUPER excited when we play Jenga

School is overwhelming, but I'm doing very well
I screwed up my Education video and had to do it twice (didn't record 1st)
Today is my Education Interview :{
I quit drinking soda and feel great

He is so excited he can start playing outside again
He got a new bed and bedroom paint job
He has some crazy attitude
He is so loving and sweet

He likes to color my things with permanent marker (laptop)
He is learning to dress himself
He is speaking so clearly lately, it's just amazing
He is the funniest 2 almost 3 year old I know

So that's what's up right now
Have a (hopefully) nice springish day!

1 comment:

  1. wow quit soda huh? good for you! and that is too cute that Wyatt is starting to dress himself! they are growing up so much!