Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dentists, Lunch, Turtles, and Broken Bones...

I had been nervous all week for Friday to come. The boys had dentist appointments and I know how much I LOVE the dentist! ;)

Well the kids did great, and it looked like it was going to be a great day full of family fun. After the dentist we went to lunch at the new Costa Vida, it was so yummy!

Then Ben has been on this kick about wanting to get the kids a turtle (it's NOT going to happen). But after all three pet stores we wanted to have a little more family fun, so we decided some afternoon bowling was the ticket!

This was a bad idea.

It was all great until about the 3rd frame. Wyatt was getting his little 6lb ball off of the holder (which he can carry just fine). Well he grabs the ball, turns to roll it and trips over the step to get up on the lane.

Out pops the ball...

Down goes Wyatt...

Down goes the ball...

Snap goes Wyatt's finger! (Insert blood curdling scream here)

Poor kid, it broke his ring finger on his left hand in two places. It also bruised his sweet little pinky finger.

Of course once we were at the Dr. office, he was ready for play time. My good friend Keshia works there and she made him feel right at home! Thanks Kesh!

But of course by the time we were done with X-rays and the whole work up it had been at least two hours, already a long day, no naps, and emotionally exhausted...Wyatt was pretty worn out!

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