Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ThIs Is WhAt ScHoOl DoEs To Me!!!

Well it popped into my head, while I was avoiding my textbooks, that I hadn't updated the blog in, well forever! This is what school does to me! I forget things, I feel overwhelmed, I forget things...did I already say that? You get my point. So here are a few things that have gone on since the last update! We had a lovely Thanksgiving with mostly Ben's family here in Idaho, and some extended family as well. My parents were able to tag along, as well as my sister-in-law's sister and a friend of the family. It was just a ton of people that had a great time, or at least we did :). A big group of us went shopping on Black Friday too!
This is from us all waiting in line for Target to open. It is just prior to 4 am here. My mom and sister-in-law Jenny went to Toys R Us earlier and lets just say we will never be doing that again! But overall we had a lot of fun and made some fun memories! My family can really make me laugh sometimes!
I am almost finished with this semester! Yay! I have two finals to take tomorrow and then I am home free until January. This seemed like a really long semester to me for some reason, but it was a good one! I passed my Math class that has just been such a downer the past 2 semesters, and all my other classes went great. But I am so glad it is over. Next semester shouldn't be such a heavy load. I also took my Praxis 1 exam and passed with flying colors. It is a test you have to take to be a teacher. I will take the Praxis 2 just before I do my student teaching.
Adam and Wyatt are so excited for Christmas! I thought I would have to worry about Wyatt opening the presents, you know because he is the youngest. But once again my children surprised me and Adam was the one doing the unwrapping way ahead of schedule. I understand how hard it is to wait for gifts, so I think Grandma Cooper was reading their minds and decided to send some Christmas fun their way a little early!
These are some super fun glasses that when wearing them, the boys would see Santa's face in Christmas lights. They had so much fun with them I thought they would go blind from just staring at the lights so much and so closely!

This year we were feeling very fortunate for the things we have during the Holiday season so we decided to do something different in terms of gifts. We got a few things for each of the boys, but other than that, we didn't really do anything. Instead we decided to adopt a few Angels from the Salvation Army Angel trees. We chose two, a five year old boy and a 14 month old boy. It was really fun to talk about what we were doing, and it actually got more people to join in on the gift giving. It just makes us thankful every day for the things we have, and we were glad to give back this year.

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