Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Like a kid again...

While growing up, there are just certain things that you have to have done to have a successful childhood.  Such as, jumping from pillow to pillow to couch to avoid falling in the lava, hula hoop, roller skate, jump rope, ride a bike...you get the idea.

Well this last Saturday was date night with our best friends ever Josh and Lindsie!  And when I say best friends I mean we have all known each other for so long (I met Josh when I was 12! And he introduced me to my hubby at 14!) that we are 100% comfortable around each other.  Sometimes a little too comfortable but I will leave that for an entirely different post!

So for our date night we got all dressed up (sort of) and hit the town!
Here is me and my amazing (and hot) husband on our way to dinner.  

We met up with our friends at a cute little Italian place that none of us had ever tried before (and sadly probably won't again).  Sounds like a pretty normal double date so far right?

Next we decided that we wanted to do something that none of us had done in years, YEARS!!! Guess what?

Starlight Skating!  Or rollerblading in my case! (Even as a little kid I could never stay up on roller skates...strange?)

I don't think I had been to a skating rink since I was in middle school, at least.  Ben and I did go ice skating for our 4th anniversary, but for some reason that seems more romantic than childish. So childish it was tonight!  
Here is the 4 of us (sorry for the blurry pic, we had a 10 year old giggling girl take the picture, enough said.)  But we were so excited to get on the floor!

Rockin' the blades.  We even did "time trials" for one lap around the rink, not surprisingly to me, I totally dominated and won by about 3 seconds.

Aren't they cute!  They obviously felt more comfortable on the skates than Ben and I did!

We had so much fun skating and I felt just like a kid again...and believe me, there were TONS of kids there.  The 10 year old giggling girl that took the group photo for us was so smitten with Ben, she kept telling him "You are just so cool, even the teenagers think you are cool!"  It was really sweet, and of course it helped boost Ben's ego a little.  But I think he is pretty cool too.  

I'm thinking that for one of our birthday's coming up we should rent out the skating rink and invite all our family and friends!  It would be a great party!

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