Saturday, February 4, 2012

Soon to be...

Oh the joys of buying a house with an unfinished basement!  Of course there are pro's and con's to everything so here are some from my basement...

Pros                                                  Cons
I can make it my own                        Starting from scratch is a little daunting
I get to choose the layout                  It's expensive
Expanding is exciting                       It takes FOREVER!!!

I could probably list a few more cons to having an unfinished basement, but this is intended to be a happy post!  Why you ask?  Because we are slowly but surely getting it finished.  The framing is finished, electrical will be done in the next 2 weeks.  The tub/shower is set in and plumbing is finished.  But the most exciting part of it all is going in soon.  Now I really had to fight for this, I am so in love with it, and my only winning argument was that it would be great for resale value down the line.  The big reveal...

Isn't it beautiful?  I know!  The only differences will be instead of the wood paneling it will just be the white boarding (wood won't really match my decor plans).  The back of it will be closed off, and inside the bench will be pull out storage!  I am so excited to add this to my basement it makes me want to scream.  Like I said I really had to fight for it, so I am sure I will be putting it to good use with all of my reading!  I give you all permission to be jealous now.  Go on, it's okay :)

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  1. I Love it!! I'd say it was so worth the fight :)