Friday, February 3, 2012


Overwhelmed just doesn't quite cut it these days. I think that everybody tries really hard to do their best most of the time, they really do. And with trying comes both success and failure. Let me just tell you right now that I do not do well with failure (I'm sort of a sore loser, just a little). Some of my friends even say that I am borderline OCD with some of aspects of my life. And part of being my OCD, overachieving self means that I put a lot on my plate.
School (20 Credits)
Teaching 5 days a week
Book Club
Single Mommy most of the time since Ben works away
Homework (both mine and Adam's)
Baking (more of a stress reliever)

All this stuff adds up to a very And another part of my OCD, overachieving self, tends to bottle frustrations up inside. Today was a tough day, not buy any measure terrible, but just an off day. And it got me thinking about why I think I have to be so "on it" all of the time. Why am I beating a dead horse so to speak over why I am having my "off day" today? Something to think about, something to work on. I know I already posted my goals for 2012, but I am going to add one tonight.

Don't criticize yourself so much! You don't have to do everything perfectly!

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