Sunday, October 16, 2011

Coupon Class!

Who knew that I would get so addicted to couponing? I have only been seriously doing it since June, but man I still get such a rush every time I go to the register and watch my total go lower and lower!
Well I was asked a few weeks ago to teach a coupon class to my neighborhood's relief society...pause for gasp! J/k
I was totally stoked and started planning right away, of course because I am such a planner! I taught the class this last Friday, had a great turn out, and hopefully got some women as excited as I am to save money! I didn't take any pictures of the class or me teaching (I was a little busy). But I thought I would include some recent photos of some of my savings!
This was my shopping trip from today, I only spent $7! Good deal seeing as the pillsbury rolls on a normal basis would cost that much! And obviously I don't need that much toothpaste, but I have recently been building a bag full of things to donate to the local women's shelter, so those will be going there!This I got for completely FREE! I bought about 10 packages of disposable razors $1.97 each, and I had $6 off coupons when I bought 2. So from the overage I got from the coupon (about $10) I was able to purchase the other products, bananas, mushrooms, potatoes, and chocolate syrup!

These are some other items that I got completely FREE! I picked them up using my Staples Rewards card. All I did was recycle some old ink cartridges and they give you credit on your rewards card, then email you a coupon with the total on it and you can buy whatever you want with it! So I picked up some Bounty paper towels, 4 clorox wipes, 2 packs of page protectors (for my coupon sorting!) The other small things are samples that I got in the mail last week.

Isn't this so fun! I love knowing that I am providing for my family, am able to help out and donate some things that are needed at the women's shelter, and am saving money the entire time. If anybody would be interested I could set up another couponing class in the future if I get enough interest! Let me know!

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