Sunday, September 4, 2011

7 year itch?

Wow I have been posting a lot lately! I've just got so much to catch up on I guess :)

Anyway, Ben and I are coming up on our 7 year anniversary in January. I know that seems like a while away, but I like to plan things a bit ahead of time, I'm sure you knew that already :)

But I'm beginning to wonder about the infamous "7 year itch". What is it exactly? Itching for what? Change? AHHH! Change scares me! Well, unplanned change anyway :)

Ben and I have been together a long time, a really long time. We have had some really tough times in our years together, and have made it out for the better. I happen to think that tough times make us stronger, and I feel like we are stronger than we have ever been right now. Like we could face anything together and we can make it through. That doesn't mean we are perfect, far from it actually. We fight, we argue, we make up. So this 7 year itch thing has me a little perplexed.

The only thing I am itching for is many more years with my hubby!

We really were made for each other, don't you agree!

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