Friday, September 2, 2011

Extreme couponing? Not quite...

I'm not gonna lie, I get high. I get a huge high off of couponing. I get such a rush every time I go to check out, hand the cashier my coupons, and watch my total go




I don't claim to be an "extreme couponer" and actually I don't like the term. It makes saving money and providing for my family sound like a bad thing. I admit some (or most) of the people featured on TLC's show look like professional hoarders, but that's not the way I roll.
I only buy the things our family uses, I NEVER clear the shelves, and I only take what I need. But again, it's such a rush seeing savings upwards of 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, even 100% on my receipts. Here are some pictures of my recent savings:

Included in this (which I paid absolutely NOTHING for) is 4 2 pocket folders, 2 3subject notebooks, 1 ream of paper, lysol wipes, jif-to-go 8pk, 4 cascade complete 3pks, 2 dry erase marker 6pks, pink pearl erasers, and 11 bags of candy! Love getting school supplies for free and stuff to snack on. I also, not included in this picture, was able to get 4 boxes of crayola 24ct crayons and 2 8ct boxes of crayola markers for free as well this summer!

In this shopping trip I ended up paying $1 for each laundry detergent (almost $70 in savings) and got the cookies and breakfast snacks free! Not too shabby.

Couponing is a ton of work at first, but I have gotten the hang of it over the summer and LOVE it. Even Ben was pretty skeptical at first, but the more I do it I catch him bragging to his friends about all the money I am saving! Yep, I'm just awesome like that.


  1. I want you to teach me! I'm super intimidated by the idea so I have never tried it! I'm impressed with your savings though... that's awesome!!!

  2. That is awesome. When we get there next week you and cara should go together and trade secrets.

  3. Teach me too, teach me too, teach me too!!

  4. Darr I totally want to go with Cara, let me know when you guys get in town and we can meet up, plus I want to see that baby of yours!
    Chels I would teach you if you were here, you need to move back asap! Miss you!
    Meagan, I told you I had a stash of M&M's in my basement :) But I am always willing to share my secrets, because their not really secrets I guess.