Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby on the Brain

Is it just me or is EVERYONE pregnant right now? Or just had a baby? Or trying to having a baby? Geez I swear it's like the universe is trying to tell me something!

And of course the timing is all wrong for me so I don't even get to entertain the idea of having another baby right now, but if I were, I have got some really cute baby names picked out! SHHH, you really think I am going to tell?

Ya ok, I've never been to good with the suspense.

If we had a girl (Here's hoping right!) Her name would be...

Jane Alyce :)

If we had a boy (way more likely) His name would be...

Henry William :)

Most people kind of cringe when I say Henry, but I don't care. Ben and I love it, and everybody else would grow to love it too. And Mom, It's Henry, not HANK!

Sorry, had to get a little baby aggression off the brain!

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