Monday, August 23, 2010

So LoNg SuMmEr...

Today is officially my last day of summer. I will be putting the kids in daycare tomorrow, and off to school I go. We had such a fun summer this year with so many things going on. Adam had his first summer of T-ball and loved it, despite being a bit of a ball hog. We got our yard put in, which is a miracle all on it's own, and it looks great! We bought a new car, which I am still getting used to and Ben still wants to "pimp" it out. We've been camping, swimming, to the park too many times to count, and had so much fun along the way. But now the nights are getting pretty cold and it is starting to feel like fall. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but I don't think I'm really ready for the weather change.
Adam starts Kindergarten next week and he is really excited about it. We will go this Thursday to meet his teacher and possibly some other kids in his class. Getting him ready for school has been harder than I thought it would be. Just the school supplies alone are frustrating. They need so many things and you can't find them all at the same store. And even if they did have them all there, of course what you need is all sold out because there are hundreds of other moms out buying the same thing! They should make a delivery service for school supplies...once you register your child you get a package in the mail a week later with everything they will need for class. Then you can avoid the crazy supply isles at Walmart and all the kids screaming for what color notebook they want! It's chaos! ANYWAY!!! Pictures of the first day of school will be coming soon...Adam's not mine. Till then!

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