Monday, August 9, 2010

ShOpPiNg SpReE fOr FrEe!!!!

Call me savvy or just call me lucky even, but in the last couple months I have been the recipient of Free Clothes! Yes I said FREE, and yes they may be hand-me-downs, but free is free! A couple months ago my sister Stephanie and her roommate decided that they were going to clear out their closets. Lucky me, because I walked away with tons of new, well new to me, clothes. Mostly a lot of cute winter sweaters and a couple summer tops and even a dress. I just love when she decides to do some spring cleaning! And then, yesterday I got a call from a family member, Leisa Tolman, and she said that she had tons of little boy clothes to give to me! Lets just say that I made off like a bandit! I walked out of her house yesterday with 3 huge garbage bags full of clothes for Wyatt. And a few shirts for Adam. The clothes consisted of everything from Pajamas, Pants, Shoes, Jackets, Shirts for both summer and winter! It was like heaven was smiling on me yesterday, and who knows how much money I am saving. Thank you Stephanie and Leisa! Love you both!

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