Monday, March 26, 2012

The best things

I'm feeling like a bit of a random streak has hit me today, so I thought I would make a list of the best parts of things in my goes! (These are by no means complete, just some thoughts)

Being a mom:
Snuggles and hugs whenever I feel like I need them
Being called mom, momma, mommy
Picking out little features in my kids that I know they get from me or their dad
Teaching them is an everyday thing, and we all know I love to teach!

Being married:
No drama in the dating pool!
Having my best friend by my side
Somebody I can count on
Combining families

My relationship with my Hubby:
We have been married 7 years, together for 11.5
He was my first kiss ever!
We can be so silly, but serious too.
He is my best friend. 

Being a student:
Umm...j/k there's bound to be one right?
Always knowing that I have a schedule
I've made so many friends through school

I know that there are other parts to my life that I didn't include, I was just thinking about these things today and thought I would jot them down. 

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