Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hold onto your's a bit bumpy!

And by bumpy I mean busy...

And by seats I mean sanity...

Holy cow I feel like summer has hit me full force this week, and I'm definitely NOT talking about the weather. Although my backside is a bright shade of pink at the moment from our 30 minutes of sunshine the other day. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating, it was more like 35 minutes :)

My "real" summer classes started this week, and my other summer class finishes up this week. So some big projects have been started (almost finished).

Both the boys are starting baseball this week and next. Wyatt is playing his first year of t-ball. Which should be interesting since he is terrified of the ball!

Adam didn't want to do t-ball again this year so he signed up for coach pitch through the YMCA. He is really excited. Unfortunately they haven't found a coach for his team yet, so hopefully they find one soon or else they wont be able to play this year :(

Ben has a really busy weekend ahead of him. We will be heading to Sun Valley, ID (Beautiful) for Ben to participate in a 62 mile relay with 5 of his co-workers! It's called the Sawtooth Relay, and between the 6 runners there are 12 legs of the relay, each runner having to run 2 legs each, but not consecutively.
Isn't that just the most beautiful view! If I had any interest in running (which I DON'T), this would be the place to do it! He is going to be so great and for his first race EVER I am so excited that I can be there to support him.

We were going to take the boys with us, but my parents decided they wanted to take them camping to West Yellowstone for the weekend. They will have so much fun with that while Ben and I get to have a fun weekend in beautiful Sun Valley.

Now hopefully I can get through the rest of the summer of craziness without losing my sanity!
Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys get to go on a fun get-away weekend together! Enjoy every minute of it! Don't worry, you will rock summer school :)