Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to Business

Now that we are 5 weeks into the school year, I think we are finally hitting our groove. I figured if Stella could get her groove back then it was only a matter of time before we did as well. It has been a really rough few weeks lately. Adam is loving school and he is now going to kindergarten all day instead of just half a day. He was running a little behind in his reading so we were able to get him into the extended kindergarten so he can be all caught up in no time. He is really enjoying it. He has two teachers, two classrooms, two recesses, and he even gets to stay and eat lunch like the "big kids." I am really glad that he is enjoying it because I was really worried at first. I am finally figuring out my routine with school and I have started observations at a local elementary school. I am observing a 4th grade class and am loving it. The teacher I am observing has a lot of the same teaching styles that I think I would use so it is nice to see it in action. All of my classes have been going really great lately, but I don't have my first math exam until this upcoming Wednesday, so we will see how that goes! Wyatt is learning things so fast these days. He just picks up everything and repeats it all day long. He is just so sweet. Ben has been working a lot lately and hauling scrap. Trying to bank up some extra time and money to get ready for hunting season. Just a few more weeks and I will become a single mother for the months of Oct.-Nov. He has worked it out that he is basically taking the entire month of October off JUST to go hunting! Crazy boys and their hobbies. I am hoping he gets one the first day so I can get some extra help around the house! I will let you know how that goes as well! Hope everyone is enjoying the fall months, they sure are beautiful!

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