Monday, September 6, 2010

Am I tHe OnLy OnE????

As you all know, or should know if you are reading this blog, Wyatt is 2 1/2 now. Well it seams that we have developed a little bit of a situation when it comes to grocery shopping with him. First let me explain how I have come to this conclusion. While at school the other day I was talking with some friends (who are also mothers), and we were talking about shopping. As you all should also know, I really don't like to shop. I like to get what I need and book it for the door! While talking about shopping, the subject of grocery shopping came up, and why my friends don't like to go shopping with their kids. The usual answers came up: "They always ask if they can have a lot of stuff," "They are loud," "It takes way too much time to shop with them." So hearing they have most of the same issues that I did, I thought they would recognize my problem with Wyatt. Apparently they did not and thought that it was hilarious. They were all laughing so hard that they were crying. They even wanted me to get video and pictures of him while I shop. Now let me tell you what Wyatt does.
He feels the need to hold things. EVERYTHING! I have learned that I need to give him things that are heavy. So I put the milk up next to him in the little child carrier.
He likes to touch the cartons and tell me how cold they are. This isn't so bad. I have learned to stack things in the cart as far away from him as possible. Otherwise, he is leaning over the carrier and trying to grab anything within his reach. He also likes to hold cereal bags and hug them like pillows.
So you are probably thinking what is the problem here, right? Well this is all fine with me, until he starts throwing things out of the cart at people. He once hit a lady with a thing of Yogurt! And just prior to taking this picture he threw the hat that he was wearing in the picture before, over the checkout stand and into the isle over! He also has another problem...
He likes to bite through packaging! I cannot put anything close to him that could be ripped apart by his little chompers! He has bitten his way through hot dog packages, cheese, bread loafs. Anything he can get his little teeth on basically. I have even tried feeding him before we go shopping, but if you know Wyatt, he can eat all day and still be hungry. So my question is, does anybody else have this problem? It's funny sometimes, I know, but I need to know some suggestions. Anybody? Anybody?

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  1. Oh Alli, that is too funny!!! What a funny little guy. :)

    I obviously can't give you advice from experience, but maybe you could try bringing along a toy or game from home. Or maybe shop at those places that have the a cart in front and two little seats behind it. (Though those are a pain in the neck to steer.)

    Good luck. ;)