Saturday, November 12, 2011

Book club or bust!

Well last night was our first official book club meeting. When I say us, I mean my friend Keshia and myself. Most people canceled that they were coming just hours before the party.

Unfortunately for me, I had already done all the baking, preparing, shopping and setting up for more people. My house/ food sort of felt all dressed up and nowhere to go so to speak. It was sad :(

These are the yummy Pumpkin Spice Cookies with Chocolate Glaze that I made for the girls (that nobody ate)

These are the incredibly yummy Autumn Apple Grape Medley's that I made.

Keshia and I had a good time though. We were able to catch up, establish some rules or norms for the book club, eat and drink wine, talk about the book (wishing we had more people to discuss with), and picking next month's book.

This will be our next book for December and Keshia (and hopefully the other girls will be too) are so excited to read this book. It's about a woman who's mother is mentally ill, and how she learns about herself and her mother through diaries that her mother had written. I think. We are hoping for a better turn out next month, if not, then at least Keshia and I will enjoy it while it lasts and read a few good books out of it.

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