Thursday, November 11, 2010

OuR LiTtLe PoTtY pRo...

Yes I said it, Wyatt is becoming our little professional potty user! (He must take after the rest of the family, and I appreciate it!) It all started last week when out of the blue Wyatt decided that he wanted to go potty, and instead of sitting there doing nothing, a little "tinkle" sound was heard throughout the Tolman household!
This was such a monumental achievement for my little guy, once he finished he jumped up and yelled, "I DID IT!!!" It was so cute.
Ever since then, he has been wearing his "big boy undies" and hates wearing diapers! This is so great for me, since Adam was seriously difficult to potty train. I think Wyatt wants to be just like his big brother in every way so he wants to wear underwear all day too! Way to go baby, we love you, and mommy sure appreciates not changing as many diapers!

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