Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brotherly Love...

Well today I am home sick with the boys. Adam has had the flu, and I can tell that I am fighting it off. I am not the only one fighting in our household today. Adam and Wyatt seem to have it out for each other! It is days like today that I have to remember how cute my boys really are and even if they are having a HORRIBLE, AWFUL day, they always have their cute moments and memories I can look back on and tell myself that I need to let them survive to have more wonderful moments together! Here are some of those moments that keep me sane...
This was Adam's first day of Kindergarten! Wyatt was so proud of his big brother and wanted to be just like him!Adam and Wy thought that they would play dress up in mom and dad's sweaters today. Toy blocks were their guns and they hunted deer around our house. Where they get these ideas is beyond me (but I love it!)
This was taken last fall. Wyatt wasn't quite 18 months old yet and was just discovering what fun it was to play in the leaves, and Adam was all too willing to help show him. It was a fun day in the park!This was from our most recent session of family pictures, and it doesn't get any better than this. They are both just so sweet, and even though they have their moments of driving mom up the wall, they make up for it x10 with moments like these. It's always a good trip down memory lane.

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