Sunday, July 4, 2010

I nEvEr NeW tHe VaLuE oF gRaSs!!!

As you could guess from the title, WE FINALLY GOT GRASS! I really never understood the value of having it until, well, I didn't have it! After buying a house with no yard, and the majority of our neighbors didn't have one as well, I decided we would never do it again. It is just so much work, not that I really did much of it :) But starting from scratch leaves a lot to be desired. Building our fence was last years project, which I have to say, still isn't finished, but mostly. Adam even helped Ben stain the fence! He was so cute in his little rainbow suspenders, Ben got some for Christmas so he will get to use them this summer...hehehe.
Then it is figuring out what we want to go where, planters, etc. Then of course there is the biggest problem, money! I didn't realize how expensive grass and everything that comes with it could get. So instead of going to school over the summer, we decided to get our sprinklers put in. So that happened at the end of May. It was so worth it paying somebody else to do it. Then Ben wanted to get some sumps in to help with the drainage off of the house. This required some major trenching, big holes, tractors and lots of rock.
Once this was done, the yard had to be rock raked and leveled out so we could be ready for sod. Ben did the majority of all this, as you probably guessed. I was the designated "photographer". But then it finally happened...Dun Dun Dun....WE GOT GRASS!!!!

We ordered the large rolls because it makes it less labor intensive and we had our entire yard done in just a few hours. But the grass really makes out house look so different. The boys were probably even more excited then I was. I had to tell Adam that we can't play on it until it has grown in a little and not until after daddy mows it in a few weeks. So every day since then, a couple times a day, Adam asks "Mom, is the grass growed yet?" It's so cute that they can't wait to be able to run around out there! In the pic on the left, that is our back yard. The empty spot in the back corner is going to be a stone patio with a fire pit so we didn't put grass there. And the empty spot on the front will eventually be the area for out deck, but that won't happen for a few years, so later this summer we will just pour a cement patio there.
We have been waiting to get all of this done for almost 2 years now since we moved in, now that we finally are seeing the end results it couldn't be more rewarding. Ben has worked so hard to get this done this summer and we love him so much for it! We will make sure that it is all put to use!

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